M.Arch Thesis
 Final Review

 Friday, May 21, 2021

︎    Review Room
︎    After Party
︎   Presentation Schedule
︎︎︎     Pamphlet
︎︎︎     Optional Backdrop
︎    Critics, Advisers, Readers
︎      Students
            Xio Alvarez
            Ben Hoyle, Eytan Levi
            Lynced Torres
            Marisa Waddle, Lucas Igarzabal
            Erin Wong
            Ziyu Xu
            Andrew Younker

︎     Coordinators
            Deborah Garcia
            Andrew Scott
︎     Department Head
            Nicholas de Monchaux 
︎     MArch Program Director
            Brandon Clifford 
︎     Special Thanks To

            Eleni Aktypi
            Cynthis Stewart
            Kathaleen Brearley
            Christopher Jenkins

︎     Web Design
          Anna Vasileiou



        Ellie Abrons
       Principal of T+E+A+M, and Associate Professor of Architecture at the University of
Michigan Taubman College of Architecture and Urban Planning

        Laida Aguirre     
       Director of stock-a-studio, and Assistant Professor of Architecture at the University of
Michigan Taubman College of Architecture and Urban Planning

        Angelo Bucci 
          Co-founder and principal of SPBR Arquitetos, Visiting Lecturer at MIT Architecture     
        Sean Connelly
       Founder of AO-Projects and founding board member of Protect Our Ala Wai Watersheds
(POAWW), Visiting Lecturer in MIT Architecture

        J. Yolande Daniels
       Founder of studioSUMO West in Los Angeles and co-fouding design principal of 
studioSUMO in New York, Associate professor at the University of Southern California

        Todd Gannon
        Robert S. Livesey Professor of Architecture and Head of the Architecture Section of the
   Austin E. Knowlton School of Architecture, The Ohio State University

        Cruz García
           Director WAI Architecture Think Tank, and Adjunct Assistant Professor at Columbia
           University Graduate School of Architecture, Planning and Preservation

         Amy Kulper
       Department Head and Associate Professor of Architecture, Rhode Island School of Design
         Dominic Leong

        Founding partner at Leong Leong, Visiting Lecturer in MIT Architecture
         Caroline O’Donnell
            Edgar A. Tafel Professor of Architecture and director of the M.Arch. program at Cornell
            University,  and principal of CODA

         Natasha Sandmeier 
            Founder of Office UR, and OUR+, and Assistant Adjunct Professor of Architecture and
            Urban Design, UCLA

        Elisa Silva
            Director and founder of Enlace Arquitectura 2007 and Enlace Foundation 2017, Visiting
            Lecturer, Princeton University School of Architecture

          Oana Stănescu
        Founder of Design Studio, current Visiting Faculty at MIT
          Jia Yi Gu
             Director of MAK Center for Art and Architecture and co-director of architecture research
             and design studio Spinagu

Advising committees

         Student: Xio Alvarez
         Advisers: Miho Mazereeuw
                          Larry Vale
         Readers: Nicholas de Monchaux
                         Garnette Cadogan

         Students: Ben Hoyle and Eytan Levi
         Advisor: Ana Miljački
         Readers: Susanne Schindler            
                        Kairos Shen
                        Marc Simmons

         Student: Lynced Torres
         Advisor: Sheila Kennedy
        Readers: Gediminas Urbonas
                          Lorena Bello Gomez

         Student: Erin Wong
         Advisor: Sheila Kennedy
         Readers: Rania Ghosn
                         Nida Sinnokrot

          Students: Marisa Concetta Waddle and Lucas Igarzabal
          Advisor: Hans Tursack
          Readers: Axel Kilian
                          Marie Law Adams

        Student: Ziyu Xu
        Advisor: Axel Kilian
        Readers: Cagri Hakan Zaman
                        Nicholas de Monchaux

        Student: Andrew Younker
        Advisor: Azra Aksamija
        Readers: Mark Jarzombek
                        Nida Sinnokrot

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