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 Final Review

 Friday, May 21, 2021

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Ziyu Xu

Space of Mind
The Hidden Architecture in the Time of Pandemic

Advisor: Axel Kilian
Readers: Cagri Hakan Zaman, Nicholas de Monchaux

Hidden architecture behind the screen

The thesis sets its background in the current and post pandemic context, where cognitive activities have outranged the imagination of static architecture. The virtual work environment raised a lot of questions to the physical rooms we are inhabiting in. The definition of location and space are blurred and gradually disconnected from programs, productivity and memories. In this project, Architectural spaces are envisioned to be the echo of actions and the extension of one’s state of mind. With the approach of Worldbuilding based on cognitive activities and accumulated work traces, three virtual scenes are proposed to reveal the spatial construct we are not aware of: Follies of Cognitive Labor, Field of Imagery, and Garden of Data. Each of the scenes starts with a different type of digital material and adopts its own growing mechanism. After the process of recording, work traces and cognitive activities are translated into spatial notations and Loci that represent the richness and dynamics of cognitive realm.

Follies of Cognitive Labor

The project envisions infinite recording and formation of spaces as results of irregularity of mental activities. The behaviors of working, browsing, pausing depict the infinite making and collapsing of spaces. Architecture is gaining another dimension and thus should be described differently. 

Field of Imagery

Garden of Data

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